Odell Public Library Foundation

About the Odell Public Library Foundation

The Odell Public Library Foundation is a private foundation formed with a generous donation from an anonymous donor. The donor specified that the money was to be invested and the yearly interest generated would be used to benefit the library as determined by the Odell Public Library Foundation Board members.

It is only with the money generously provided by this foundation that important upgrades to the library building have been possible and valuable services can be made available to library patrons.

The Foundation money has been used for:

Providing upgrades to the Juvenile Book section

Remodeling the Program Room with new blinds, flooring, chairs, tables, paintings, and the installation of a sound system

Buying movie licenses to allow monthly movie showings

The painting of interior walls of the library

Framing of historical artwork

Reupholstering the fireplace armchairs

Installing energy-efficient lighting throughout the library

Purchasing new computer chairs and office chairs for library staff

Purchasing computers and other electronic devices for library staff and patrons

Paying start up fees for membership to PrairieCat

In addition, Foundation money currently:

Pays for Odell’s yearly membership fees for OMNI (Online Media of Northern Illinois)

Contributes to the yearly fees for full membership to PrairieCat


Donate to the Odell Public Library Foundation

Money donated to the Odell Public Library Foundation is added to the principal and benefits the library by increasing the yearly interest money earned by the account.

For information about how you can donate to the Odell Public Library Foundation, see any of the foundation board members or the library staff.


Odell Public Library Foundation Board Members

Anne Frame-President                       Janice Horberg

Beth Wroble-Secretary                       Judy Johnson

Barb Peterson-Treasurer                    Joann Kilgus

Connie Boonstra                                Ned J. Nesti, Jr.

Dorothy DeMay